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My name is Pete Williams

I have been grading commercials, features, long form tv episodic work and music videos since 1994. I developed my skills working with some of the industry’s best whilst at The Mill in London; grading on a traditional telecine, transferring 35mm film to D1 using a Pandora Pogle with a Spirit telecine. I then moved to Condor in London where I setup a new grading department using the ITK Millennium Telecine in conjunction with a Davinci 2K grading panel.


I then moved a bit further afield and found myself in the beautiful part of the world called New Zealand. Working for Auckland’s premiere house Digipost, where Non Linear grading became the norm and the Baselight appeared. Film scans gradually disappeared and file based cameras such as the Arri Alexa, Red Epic and the Canon 5D are now the cameras of choice. I have since been working on commercials in around Asia using both Baselight and Resolve.


I welcome the opportunity to be able to enrich and beautify your shot pictures, be it material shot on an iPhone for viral, through to a feature film shot on 65mm negative.


Check out my showreels below!!!


Name: Peter Williams


Location: Bangkok, Thailand but available to travel worldwide


Current Passports: UK and  New Zealand


Contact Details: +66908875199


Email Address: colouright@gmail.com



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